Violent Crime Charges

Crimes of violence are considered felonies in Colorado and can have devastating consequences, including incarceration and a permanent criminal record. A conviction for a violent crime can mark you as a felon for life, preventing employment, housing, and educational opportunities. Additionally, the penalties are severe and you may face lifelong incarceration. Punishment also depends on your previous criminal record, and aggravators can be made if you have a particular criminal history.

If you have been accused of a violent crime in Colorado, I want to help you. The Law Office of Becky Briggs is a tenacious law firm that understands and has a passion for criminal defense. Led by attorney Becky Briggs, we have represented numerous clients in the region; many of whom face serious violent crimes.

What is considered a violent crime in Colorado?

My law firm has extensive experience in criminal defense cases, and we represent clients accused of such crimes as:

It is critical to have an experienced, aggressive, and ethical attorney in your corner if accused of a violent crime. Let my law firm help you. Having been the lead attorney in more than 75 jury trials, Ms. Briggs is no stranger to litigation, and understands the intricacies of the criminal court system.

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