Probation Violations

Colorado probation violation allegations can have a devastating effect on a person’s life. Oftentimes, probation is an alternative sentence to jail time negotiated through a plea bargain. As it is a lighter sentence, violation of probation can lead to even tougher sentences being imposed. Even when a person is doing everything they can to get their life back on track, they can still be accused of violating their probation. Being charged with violation of the conditions of probation, can lead to serious consequences including fines or imprisonment.

The Law Office of Becky Briggs has handled countless probation violation cases, regularly challenging probation violation allegations and winning these cases for our clients.

Types of  Probation Violations in Colorado

In Colorado, the difference between “substantive probation violations” and “technical probation violations” is important in the defense of these cases.

Substantive violations are generally more serious and include being charged with a new crime during probation.

Technical violations, such as missed appointments, are less serious and more easily defensible. Often probation violation petitions that are based on “technical violations” can be closely scrutinized by our experienced attorneys and can be successfully contested.

Our attorneys have detailed knowledge of how probation officers document, often falsely, violations. This has resulted in many petitions being withdrawn or dismissed for our clients.

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