Meet the Team

Becky Briggs


Ms. Briggs has an immense passion for practicing criminal defense, and has devoted her entire adult life to representing the accused. She has handled thousands of cases, from petty offenses to homicides. She has conducted over 75 jury trials in Colorado, and is also licensed in California, Virginia, and several federal jurisdictions. She has represented individuals in municipal, state, tribal, and federal court.

Ms. Briggs also has a Doctorate in Social Work, which she uses to help create informed mitigation packages, provide holistic representation, and engage in alternate forms of dispute resolution. Ms. Briggs has an LLM in criminal law, and is published in numerous law review journals, writing almost exclusively on criminal and constitutional law topics.

In her spare time, Ms. Briggs loves roller derby, soccer, dancing, and studying Spanish. Her friends call her “Tyrannosaurus Bex.”

Tara Lorenzo

Forensic Paralegal

Tara Lorenzo is an accomplished forensic paralegal with significant experience in graphic design, case management, and litigation support. A master organizer, Tara’s strongest skill is preparing large, complex cases for trial. No matter the difficulty of the task or how high the stakes are, Tara rises to the challenge. Her favorite part of criminal defense is vigorously protecting the constitutional rights of the accused. Tara’s work has helped the firm achieve innumerable dismissals and not guilty verdicts.

Ms. Lorenzo is also a skilled athlete, playing for the Pikes Peak Roller Derby international all-star team. She also enjoys art, running, and spending time with friends and family.

Proven Fighters

TaraFlying and Tyrannosaurus Bex are drawn to intense, high impact activity. They physically train constantly in their “off” time, and prepare for demanding trial work through their favorite hobby of roller derby, where the adrenaline-packed contact sport helps ensure they are conditioned to handle the most pressure-filled situations possible. Tara and Bex pride themselves on being calm, capable, and stress-free, even in the most challenging scenarios. Their motto is “offense on the track, defense in the courtroom.”